Erste Campus Cafeteria


Thoughtful Zoning

On Erste Campus, an office building complex for a staff of 4,000 that was completed in 2015, we designed the interior of a cafeteria was designed. Various types of furniture were introduced as structuring for the large space and for different functions: dining tables, high tables, booths, lounge furniture, both fixed and movable, as well as a sitting nook define areas for eating, meetings and conversations. The recessed sitting area with irregular, triangular shapes is reflected by a mirrored element on the ceiling, providing both color and sculpture. Its irregular contour cites the column shape created by Henke and Schreieck for the Campus.

Interior: Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH
Architecture: Henke Schreieck Architekten ZT GmbH
Lighting Design: Conceptlicht
Photos: Toni Rappersberger
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