Committed to modernism

Atelier Heiss Architekten was founded in 1997 by Christian Heiss. The architectural office is located close to the center of Vienna in Schleifmühlgasse. An international team of 25 people work under the leadership of Christian Heiss and partners Michael Thomas, Severa Horner and Evelyn Mayer, concentrating on the hotel, office and residential sectors. The emphasis lies on individual and distinctive architecture at the highest level. Atelier Heiss Architekten has received several awards, including the Austrian State Prize for Architecture.

"The art of the architect is to sense a space and its qualities in advance, to anticipate its form and beauty."

Christian Heiss

Partners Evelyn Mayr, Michael Thomas, Christian Heiss, Severa Horner

In our approach, we focus on the individual. Each project starts with in-depth consultation with the client. Only by understanding their wishes, ideas and needs can we define a specific goal. The planning team draws inspiration from the thoughts, ideas and images generated during the discussions.

Build sustainably

For Atelier Heiss Architekten, sustainable planning and building is the basic prerequisite for responsible architecture. We take ecological, economic and social aspects into account and create buildings that are equipped for the future. A particular focus here is on the longevity of the architectural concepts. In conjunction with our clients, we aim to minimize the ecological footprint of a building and conserve natural resources. With our team of experts, we look for solutions, make decisions and implement them. In doing so, we lay the foundations for a world worth living in for future generations.

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

From idea to building

The architectural process begins with an idea in mind. The idea is transformed by hand into sketches and drawings. To make our ideas tangible, we create models – physical miniatures or digital 3D models. This allows a view of a building from different angles, making sure that wishes, needs and requirements are taken into account. A building takes shape with detailed designs and plans. They play an important role in communication with the client. Clear project goals, budgets, schedules and ongoing updates are key aspects of our successful work.

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Art as inspiration

Art plays a central role in the architectural creative process. For Atelier Heiss Architekten, it is a source of inspiration. It accompanies us throughout the planning phase, stimulates our senses and promotes creativity. Art encourages us to explore new materials, techniques and forms and to develop innovative approaches. For architect Christian Heiss, the art of the architect involves perceiving a space and its qualities in advance, anticipating its form and beauty.

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Artwork: Lionel Favre


We bear responsibility towards our clients, but also towards society, the environment and future generations. We realize our high standards of architecture and design within the set framework conditions – both in terms of money and time. In this way, we create the basis for a trusting collaboration that is characterized by responsibility.

Photos: Peter Burgstaller

Photos: Peter Burgstaller


In a step-by-step process, individual concepts are created. Ideas receive custom contours. Our signature style is characterized by clear and deliberate lines with a clear commitment to modernity. We consciously set emotional and narrative accents that give each project its own character.


The composition of a building – from the floor plans to the orientation and lighting to the combination of materials – bears secrets. The fascination of a space can only be experienced by the people who use it. The success of our projects is based on the sensory perception and the enthusiasm that the space conveys.

Photo: Hotel Daniel

Photos: Peter Burgstaller

Our clients*

Amisola, Baben­bergerhof, Bank Austria Real Invest, BDO, BIG – Bundes­immobilien Gesellschaft, Business Park Vienna, BUWOG, Conwert, Erste Group, Evan­gelische Kirche Öster­reich, EVVA, EZA, Geberit, Hilton, Hotel Daniel, IMV Real Estate, Immo­finanz Group, Kempinski Resi­dences, Mario Plachutta GmbH, McDonald’s Austria, McDonald’s Europe, MRP Hotels, ÖBB, 6B47, Raif­feisen Leasing, RHI, Rustler Real Estate, Schindler, City School Board Vienna, Weitzer Group

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