School Contiweg


Study with Style

Students of Aspernstrasse are greeted by lentiform shapes twining around the glass front of the building. The new school in Hirschstetten was designed as a structure with two horizontally emphasized classroom wings. The “Contistreifen”, consisting of a courtyard, atrium, outside staircase and open spaces, serves as a backbone between the public front courtyard and the private area of the inner courtyard. The glass south-facing atrium with the library in a distinctive loft conversion gives an architectural identity in an area with few other architectural landmarks.

General Planner and Interior: Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH
Lighting Design: NANU Licht Nach Mass – Gernot Manske
Landscape Design: idealice Landschaftarchitektur ZT
Photos: Peter Burgstaller, Hertha Hurnaus
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