Residential Complex Eschengarten


L for Living

An L-shaped structure with 55 apartments and an eight-storey front building characterize the architectural appearance of the Eschengarten residential complex. The façades are designed with French windows and balconies with varying degrees of transparency. This creates a loose interplay on the outside surface, providing privacy on the lower floors and openness at the top. Particular attention was paid to the articulation of the inner corner of the L-shaped building: On the ground floor, the corner is closed, while the two upper floors feature a recess. From the entry perspective, this corner appears closed, but opens up as you approach, and is accentuated by a centrally positioned tree.

Architecture: Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH
Lighting Design: VEST Leuchten e.U. – Elisabeth Csernohorszky
Landscape Design: idealice Landschaftarchitektur ZT
Photos: Andreas Buchberger
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