Private Residence B


Reminiscence of the Classical Modern

This is a terrace house in the best Viennese tradition. Instead of remodelling a longitudinal Altbau (prewar building), it was decided to do a new construction across the lot. The narrow floor plan of the house made room for a garden with pool on the side of the building. The generous living area on the ground floor, which opens to the garden with glass walls, is connected to the four bedrooms by a stairway on the side. On the top, there is a “lookout” with terraces. The windows have dark frames and smooth plaster surfaces, and together with the flat roofs create a calm and balanced exterior within the sense of the Viennese Classical Modernism of the interwar period.

Architecture: Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH
Photos: Atelier Heiss, Christof Gaggl
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