Inside XIX


History meets modernity

The established structure of the former municipal office building in the nineteenth district of Vienna Döbling was the basis for the “Inside XIX” residential project. 116 exclusive residential units represent a successful symbiosis of historical tradition and modern aesthetics. The newly created entrance area plays a central role: a “carriage entrance” was transformed into a spacious, two-storey reception area that opens up the entire building and connects the “old” part at the front with the “new” part at the rear. The elegant foyer, which was also artistically staged by Claus Prokop, forms a visual axis to the greenery of the inner courtyard. The well thought out architectural concept is manifested in numerous details, such as lamps or railings. The Inside XIX residential complex was awarded the European Property 5-Star Award.

Architecture: Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH
Lighting Design: VEST Leuchten e.U. – Elisabeth Csernohorszky
Art: Claus Prokop
Photos: Stefan Oláh
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