BUWOG Headquarters


Welcoming Workspace

Atelier Heiss designed the new BUWOG headquarters, creating a 10,000 m² workspace. The 6.5-meter-high, generously illuminated entrance hall showcases BUWOG’s openness and transparency. On the first floor, in addition to the conference rooms, there is an event hall that can accommodate up to 350 people. The ground floor features a bistro with a gallery, lounge area, and garden patio on one side, and a customer center with a gallery area on the other. Employee offices are located on the upper floors, enhanced with homely, color-accented central zones featuring tea kitchens, sofa groups, and meeting pods. The panoramic city view from the rooftop terrace inspires the mind for new beautiful projects. Happy living can only be achieved when a cheerful and welcoming work environment is provided.

Interior: Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH
Architecture: Schuberth und Schuberth ZT-GmbH
Lighting Design: podpod design
Landscape Design: Lindle+Bukor OG
Art: Brigitte Kowanz
Photos: Christoph Panzer, Peter Burgstaller
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