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Christian Heiss
Architect Dipl.Ing.

In his early years, Christian Heiss was intensely devoted to violin music. Later his involvement with violin making greatly influenced his approach to architecture. The mystique of recognizing the sound of the instrument on the basis of its form and beauty and then hearing it within is tantamount to the architect’s art of sensing physical space and its qualities.

His later involvement with the fascination space came about by drawing – for Heiss an indispensable schooling in perception for any planner. The sketch in the drafting stage is the language of an idea, and its essential expression. His family background – his father too was an architect and urban planner – placed a further founding stone for the shaping values and understanding of a city, as Christian Heiss now experiences it on a daily basis. His career as an independent architect began in 1997, at home at the kitchen table. Shortly thereafter the studio in Schleifmühlgasse was founded, and Atelier Heiss has continually grown since.

Over time, areas of focus have developed. Today, a staff of 30 and 4 partners work under his leadership on numerous projects in the areas of living, office, and hotels, ranging from McDonald’s restaurants to 5 Star hotels, and from simple housing to luxury villas.

“The most beautiful of all is the completed project in which we can quietly feel the building adapting to the person, and not the other way around.” (Christian Heiss)


1967 born in Vienna
1974–1985 Violin studies with Prof. Laszlo Barki and Prof. Grete Biedermann
1982–1985  Violin-making studies with study visits to Cremona (I), Mirecourt (F), York (GB)
1986–1990 Publication of numerous sketches on Vienna, Italy and Spain
1986–1996  Work for architects Herbert Bohrn and Prof. Hans Puchhammer
1993 Diploma from the Technical University Vienna under Architekt Prof. Ernst Hiesmayr
since 1994 Lectureships at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna 
1997 Foundation of the studio in 1040 Vienna, Schleifmühlgasse
since 2004 Lectures, panel discussions, service as juror
2014 Austrian National Award for Architecture